Why choose Sidermarine mooring springs or shock absorbers and what distinguishes us from the competition.

Quality of material, special stainless steel alloy

High modular cushioning capacity

Unique silence and guaranteed by the registered Sidermarine patent

Operation that does not undergo alterations due to low and high temperatures as it is able to work from - 20° to + 80° (- 40° + 120° for short periods) According to ISO 10069-1 regulation

There are no components that could break due to strong stresses and accidental or repeated impacts caused by daily use of mooring at the quay.

No protective casing is necessary, as indicated by other manufacturers

Absolutely eco-sustainable product as it does not contain any polluting products.

Last but not least important aspect, indeed to be underlined:
Simplicity in dismantling to carry out maintenance which can be carried out independently by the owner.

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