Mooring spring MK 50 Hybrid

In the MK Hybrid patented shock absorbers, the spring is assisted by elastomers, in a cylindrical shape, which alone have a very high and non-progressive inertial load. However, together with the spring, from the single central one to the 4 at each

end, increase capability in the face of major stresses, with a progressive movement that adapts to the boat.

MK 50
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Mooring springs are designed to reduce tension within the mooring lines. it is the only technically valid system to reduce the oscillation of a boat when moored, guaranteeing its safety, correctly dampening the tension within the mooring lines, significantly reducing the forces acting on the stern bollards and consequently creating a more stable and comfortable environment for the end user.

Product Details
MK 50
5 Items

Data sheet

  • 96 x 452 mm - 3.78 x 17.80"
  • 6,5 Kg. - 14,33 lb
  • from 16 up 20 Ton.

Buying Sidermarine shock absorbers guarantees:

• Material quality

• High modular damping capacity

• Unique quietness guaranteed by Sidermarine's filed patent

• Operation that is unaffected by low and high temperatures as it can work from - 20 ° to + 80° (- 40° + 120° far short periods) In according to ISO 10069-1 regulation.

• There are no components that can break due lo high stresse,ç and accidental or repeated impacts caused by daily use of the berth at the quay.

• No protective casing required, as indicated by other manufacturers.

• This product is absolutely eco-sustainable as it does not contain any polluting products.

Last but not least and indeed to be emphasized: Easy disassembly for maintenance, which can be carried out independently by the owner.

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