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Discover why boat owners choose Sidermarine nautical accessories

The SIDERMARINE, established company in SHOCK ABSORBER production for patented mooring springs, swivel joints and more, is committed to QUALITY! 

Technology, design, quality and safety are our research objectives, in order to create products of unprecedented full safety.

Our mooring springs, all "MADE IN ITALY" certified, are produced in a special alloy of stainless steel, with high-performance and high elasticity, extremely resistant and silent.

Thanks to antifriction and antisqueaking inserts, our springs are highly resistant to marine corrosion and perfectly adaptable to different loads of stress, through the wide range of available sizes and calibrated performance for every type of boat.

Sidermarine s.r.l. has succeeded in designing and patenting these features, being therefore able to ensure boat owners’ safety and tranquility when the boat is anchored.

Get for free the very useful Guide that helps you choose the perfect mooring spring, swivel joints ad other nautical accessories.

This free guide also includes important advice on use and maintenance of these components which ensure safety to your boat.

If you ask for the Guide, you  get a

$ 20 discount

for your first purchase on our e-commerce website!

 Fill in the form below with your email address to get the free Guide "Tips and Tricks on mooring springs" and the 20$ discount voucher.


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